How does the deal work?

At EQ we believe in deals that support a creative's growth. Our deals are simple, fair, and all share the same basic principles:

  • We invest money in creatives on a gross revenue share basis
  • We have no ownership or influence over an artist's music or output
  • All of our deals are contractually limited by time and amount

Our Deal Philosophy:

Creatives get to decide the right deal terms for them. This means that as a creative you choose the revenue streams that we will be investing in. It also means that you choose the percentage of revenue share that is right for you.

If you do well, we do well.

Our Deal Terms:

The length of our deal together and the minimum hurdle-rate return (explained below) are calculated based on a combination of your annual revenue, the size of the investment you are looking for and the percentage of revenue that you are willing to share in return every year.